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Allergy season is here. Cure yourself without medication.

Fall is here. Bring on the sinus congestion. It used to be a bi-annual battle for me. School was back in session, the weather changed, the days got shorter and I would get sinus congestion cold/allergy.  I lived this way my entire life and it continued long after my school days were over. Up until last year, I had annual bouts of seasonal allergies, headaches and congestion. In fact, it even got so bad over the last few years that I had these symptoms pretty consistently. Even more, I was tired and lethargic most of the days. Then I decided to get proactive.

I began to question everything I was told about environmental allergies and the immune system. I refused to accept that my body, which was seemingly fit and otherwise healthy, could not handle some germs, pollen, dust or even a little pollution. As it turns out, my body can handle a little environmental ‘stress’. But, not the amount it was under. In my relentless quest for a healthier immune system I began a version of an elimination diet to remove the most common sources of allergens in food. Foods like Wheat, Soy, Nuts, Dairy, shellfish and Eggs were the first to go. I also eliminated other foods like chocolate, coffee, and alcohol which can lead to inflammation and ultimately result in disease. After tens days of elimination, I re-introduced one suspected allergen at a time for three days each and recorded my mood, energy, and reactions. After radically changing my diet, changing my bedding and living without my dog for a while. 🙁    I uncovered the nutritional secret to my own personal health.

No More….

  • Grains ( sprouted whole grains i.e. ezekiel bread are even worse for me)
  • Legumes (I love peanuts but my body doesn’t. )
  • Chocolate (the darker the chocolate, the spacier and foggy I get)
  • Tree Nuts ( Had the worst reaction to raw almonds. 24 hour headaches, Sinus congestion etc.)


Through my research and own experimentation of have learned that the key to disease prevention is to limit stressors. (emotional, biological, and environmental)  Unfortunately, there are many independent variables we cannot control that affect our health. However, there are many within our control. Here are some tip/variable your can control that will help remove stress from your mind, and your body.

1.Positive Thinking (conscious breathing, smiling more, meditation, exercise, yoga)

2. Eat organic, Non-GMO foods from Wild or Pasture Raised (grass fed sources).

3. Pay attention to how you feel after you eat. (check out metabolic typing diet and the quizzes for post meal energy, mood etc.) Make a food log!

4. Check your pulse before you eat a suspected allergen and then again 30 minutes after ingestion. If your pulse is racing or elevated then you are having an immunological response to something you ate. (ie. You’re intolerant or allergic)

5. Get some sun! Vitamin D deficiency is widespread and linked to seasonal allergies, depression, sleep disorders, and disease. Supplement if you can’t get 15 minutes a day!

Health and Longevity are difficult enough to achieve in our over-populated, polluted, synthetic world. Control what you can. Control your mind, your body, and the foods and products you put in/on it.

In Health,

Brad Newman



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