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Our Mission: To educate and provide energy efficient strategies that optimize total mind/body health and performance.


Why do you work? Why do you wake up in the morning? Success is not possible without purpose. Our purpose is to educate, motivate, and positively influence as many people as we can. Whether you are parent seeking longevity in order to watch your children grow old or an athlete chasing a dream, Newmanstrength will guide you to success.

Newmanstrength (NS) as an ideal is physical, emotional, intellectual, sustainable, and needs to be global. NS embodies the idea of RE-CREATION. It is the opportunity we all have to re-create ourselves everyday in all ways. We can change ourselves through a small habit like nail biting, or by a big change like losing 100 pounds or moving to a new country. We all have the strength and ability to transform ourselves – and our aim is to promote and provide the idea and opportunity for people to Re-create themselves. Alter your life by altering your attitude and your mind.

NewmanStrength (NS) was founded on the principle of energy efficiency.  Today’s society is saturated with food politics, commercially driven research, standardized diets, fad workout regimes and endless contradiction. NewManStrength is an educational tool and training service that provides more efficient and sustainable strategies to living, eating, and training.


About the Founder:

Brad Newman (BS exercise science: Biomechanics, C.S.C.S.)

More than an athlete, more than a loving friend and relative, Brad Newman is a lifelong student and lifelong educator. In 8 years professionally, Brad has trained and coached some of the worlds best athletes including MLB’s most valuable player. His passion for healthy living began with his passion for sport. From Baltimore, MD. where he received no attention for his baseball achievements Brad eventually walked on to the University of Miami Hurricanes baseball team in 2002. Inconsistent opportunities, the lack of coaching support and eventually the loss of passion resulted in a short baseball career. Dejected and disheartened Brad refocused his energy in a new direction. A bachelors degree in Exercise Science (Biomechanics) which he eventually achieved in 2007 from Towson University. After working under some of worlds best performance coaches Brad moved to Southern California to train baseball players. Since relocating Brad has grown into one of the most sought after Performance Coaches for Major League Baseballs top talents. His most proud achievement however, is an after school/summer mentorship training program for aspiring athletes. In addition to performance training, the Mentorship Program emphasizes cultivating resilience, social intelligence, and the all important real world skills.

His passion for lifelong education has led him to explore the knowledge of some of the worlds leading academias in nutrition, injury prevention, rehabilitation, peak performance, soft tissue therapy, and mind performance-health. Practicing what he preaches Brad’s purpose is to educate, motivate, and positively influence as many lives as he can. In the game of life Brad’s passion and purpose is to help those looking to build their own staircase to wherever they want to go.

Message From President/CEO Brad Newman

“NewManStrength is more than a training service provider. We strive to discover and educate ‘truth’ as it pertains to preventative health and the performance of the mind and body. After years of abusing my own body for the sake of performance and fitness, I dedicated my life to discovering the most energy efficient strategies to achieve peak performance and prevent injury. Based on the non-commercially driven research from some of the world’s best academias, NewManStrength and our integrative services are the product of our unrelenting search for truth.”