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"The last 5 off seasons I have worked exclusively with Brad Newman & have found him to be very knowledgeable, enthusiastic and innovative. It has been a pleasure working with him as his energy is infectious and our workouts are constantly challenging. I would highly recommend him to anybody interested in getting in better shape or becoming a better athlete. Be prepared to be in the best shape of your life!"

Ryan Braun MVP 2011, Milwaukee Brewers

The workouts during the off season were amazing. I felt stronger then I ever have and bigger then I ever was and the results were there gained sum MPH on my fastball went from 89 90 to 92 93, and its also helping me out in my season pitching deeper into games and my body isn't breaking down as much as it did last year. Brad was also my off season throwing partner who helped me get my arm in to top shape for the season. So overall the workouts were great the throwing and running was a plus it was just a great experience working out with brad. Thanks a lot man this season wouldn't be going as well as it is without your help my man much love!

Tyler Skaggs, Pitcher, MLB Arizona Diamondbacks

Working with Brad has without a doubt been the best offseason decision I've made. When you are preparing for 162 games in 180 days, your body and mind need to ready. Not only has Brad pushed me to be my best In the weight room, he's made me understand what I'm doing. I can now head into spring training prepared and ready to tackle the year with confidence. Anyone looking to get results, for whatever it is you are working for, would be hard pressed to find the knowledge and charisma Brad possesses anywhere else. He will absolutely continue to be a staple in my offseason regiment for many years to come.

Trevor Plouffe 3B, MLB Minnesota Twins

"Brad is a hard working, professional, driven trainer who carries a proven track record with high level athletes. I give him my full endorsement. If you are in the market to train for sport or simply to improve strength or athleticism, Brad is your guy."

Gabe Kapler, OF, MLB Red Sox, Rangers, Rays

"Training with Newman Strength this past off-season allowed me to realize and in turn, correct many of my physical imbalances. As a professional athlete, it's imperative that your body is in the best shape to optimize performance throughout the long season. Training with Newman Strength is not a cookie cutter weights and conditioning program. It is a highly personalized program that has me feeling the best I ever have heading into the season. I look forward to training with Newman Strength for many off-season's to come!"

Lucas Giolito, Pitcher, Washington Nationals

Hey Brad, Just wanted to thank you for everything you've done for me this summer. This summer was by far the most productive summer for me lifting wise. I appreciate the time you put into getting me personally better. Honestly, the way you run things is perfect in my opinion. I wouldn't have changed how you went about any of the workouts at all. I'll see you again either over thanksgiving break or over winter break. Take Care, Alex

Alex Horowitz, Infielder Butler Bulldogs