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Improve the Quality of Your Sleep

Improve the Quality of your Sleep. Sleep problems are often brain problems, and brain solutions are also sleep solutions.  Eating a whole foods diet gets most people much closer to where they need to be in terms of sleep quality and quantity, but everyone can benefit from a little extra sleep quality.  Here are the top 5 ways you can manage stressors and improve your sleep. 1. High Quality Dinner …Read More

Allergy season is here. Cure yourself without medication.

Fall is here. Bring on the sinus congestion. It used to be a bi-annual battle for me. School was back in session, the weather changed, the days got shorter and I would get sinus congestion cold/allergy.  I lived this way my entire life and it continued long after my school days were over. Up until last year, I had annual bouts of seasonal allergies, headaches and congestion. In fact, it …Read More